Get to Know Fred

I met Fred Ssendi in September 2012 when he visited Heswall, England. He radiates love unlike anyone I have ever met. As the leader of Rock of Joy School he spends much of his life in service to those in his community. The schools he has started through Rock of Joy (the organization) are located … Continue reading

English Defined: Part 2

Some more British English to add to your repertoire… As you do /asyado/ 1. Phrase said in response to a statement about something one has done. Like any common English phrase, this is usually at least slightly sarcastic. Claire: Let me tell you this story. So I was watching Corrie (British soap opera) until like … Continue reading

Get to Know Claire (Even Better)

After being the interviewer several times this past year, in this interview, my host Mum, Lyn, turns the tables and asks the questions. Lyn: Describe the biggest impact to your life in becoming a Brit for a year. Claire: I would say thinking before I speak and being more tactful in general. I have a … Continue reading

Get to Know Lyn

Below is an interview I did with my host Mum, Lyn. We found time for an interview despite her busy schedule which includes work, numerous church roles, 6-year-old Luke, 40 and some-year-old Phil and a zany American girl. Phil (host Dad and previous interviewee) was also present during the interview and is included in the … Continue reading

Get to Know Christine

In this interview, I introduce you to my supervisor, Christine. She has led Youth Fellowship for the past 20 years after moving to Heswall from London. Under her leadership, YF has grown from 7 young people to over 70 youth. No easy task, especially in a town with a population under 30,000. She hosts most … Continue reading

Get to Know Phil

Check out this interview with my host Dad, Phil! Claire: Are you ready? Phil: Go on. C: You said “go on”. That’s great! P: Oh that’s British, is it? C: Ahhh! I can’t type this fast! P: You’re going to put everything down that I say, aren’t you? (I smile.) C: Three most important things … Continue reading